Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls Review


August 6, 2012 by Miss Foodie Fab

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22 thoughts on “Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls Review

  1. I have my samples of it that came in on Friday! I have to try it!!! LOL @ 8F oh MissFoodieFash!

  2. Great post I use the curly meringue for my two strand twist and I do like it a lot. I’ll check this out for something different to use and see how my hair holds up!

  3. I’m just gonna keep putting the devil aka relaxer in my hair! Lol

    This very inspirational for women with natural hair! Tastefully SoSo

  4. mrsmarieyoung says:

    Hmmmmm, I am still skeptical and LOL @ your hair being an 8F. While I am here in ATL I want to go to a natural hair salon and get a consultation. Like I’ve expressed before I am still new to natural hair and my hair is so fine it’s ridiculous. Needless to say I do want to try the pillow soft but I need my samples before I make another Ms Jessies huge purchase. #theyknowtheyneedtolowertheirprices

  5. glossedmimi says:

    I am so mad I missed the event. I took my daughter to a live show I had gotten tickets for. I know for a fact the product smells amazing. I was recently around someone who was there and could smell it.

    I am going to break down and get some for my daughter and figure out how to shingle her hair. I am loving all of the results I’ve seen with the product.

  6. Wanda says:

    I received a sample of MJ Pillow Soft Curls today by mistake, but decided to put a little dab on a a dry twist or two (three day old two strand twists “done up” with Kinky Curly products). This new product made my hair super soft, but I don’t really like using products with glycerin in the summer months (frizz city!). I don’t think I’ll invest in this product simply because of the strong scent. It took me a few minutes, but I finally figured out what the scent reminds me of: Original DOWNY! Potentially a great product if it had a milder, less fabric softener-like smell.

  7. So I tried Pillow Soft Curls and it didn’t work for me. I just applied it to my hair in sections and let it air dry. Maybe I’ll try with a flexi rod set in the near future. It worked well with your hair though. I love your curls. And it really smells like fabric softener lol.

  8. SaVone says:

    I just tried the Pillow Soft Curls today. It didnt give me big fluffy curls but it definitely defined my curls and made my hair softer. I used it along with shea moistures hailr milk and a little bit of jojoba oil

  9. Sara says:

    I have a terrible red Jew fro that is thin and not shiny… Unless I use Pillow Soft. Then I get actual ringlets, kind of spiraled, no fuzz, and some shine. It’s not crunchy or ramen-like at all.

  10. Sara says:

    Oh and I love the shampoo and conditioner, but I can’t easily afford it since I use so much. But the Pillow Soft lasts a long time – a little does a lot.

  11. Iris says:

    I have that course “nappy” yeah I said it, yes I did. fight back hair. It is like a rock if it dries before I do anything to it and like paper if I do. I have to moisturize twice a day with a water based moisturizer to keep it from popping off because it is sooo dry. I went natural because it made since, The relaxer allowed me to get a comb through it but it was extremely expensive to get it done correctly and finding someone where I live was impossible. It was thin when relaxed and God forbid my new growth started growing in. Without it my hair is as described above but very, very thick and a lot of it. It is past my shoulder blade if pressed but to my ears natural. I have viewed all of the videos for all the cute styles but my hair will not do that. What is BF hair and what is shingling? I have a Jelly soft curls sample. I have had my hair pressed this past weekend because I had a function to go to so I put it in a French roll. I plan to wash it this weekend and then “ugh”. I will then use my sample and see. Do you know how the jelly curls responds to your hair? I am still contemplating the Pillow curls, I am not overly optimistic. Also, apparently it works best with a leave in conditioner, do you have any suggestions?

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