Common Sense Guide to Blogging, Because Common Sense Isn’t Common


August 8, 2012 by Miss Foodie Fab

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24 thoughts on “Common Sense Guide to Blogging, Because Common Sense Isn’t Common

  1. Thank you for these tips (and for all your help and tech support RE BLM: don’t want to be remiss on #2). Sometimes little reminders can increase the commonality of common sense 🙂

  2. Britton says:

    Oh my goodness! Number 5?!? This is just not even blogging related, but everyday life! I can’t stand getting on social networks and seeing people asking questions that can CLEARLY be answered with just one keyword on Google! Google is your BFF PEOPLE!

  3. jaiepicure says:

    The church says AMEN! I love the “Before you ask, Google It!” I am amazed at the questions that people as fellow blogs, other Tweeps, Fb’ers and on Pintrest. Many questions can be answered by not ONLY Googling but checking out someone’s profile, the ABOUT section… yeah that little thing usually does the job. The laziness of society or is it those wanting the instant answer? Either way you hit the nail on the head! Great post Dee Dee!

    Jai | Happy Hour Epicure

  4. GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL. number 2. CHUCHHHHHH! I’m so exhausted from providing DETAILED answers to emails about women’s hair and hair-related questions and them not even saying thank you, kiss my foot, nothing. I mean I go to extreme lengths, giving links to the info, regardless if it is on my blog or someone else’s, product names AND links, etc. Then when they don’t even say “thanks” GRRRRR! I just am sure not to punish the next person by not giving them the same amount of detail because of the last inconsiderate rudey!

  5. Alright Alright Alright…. we gone learn today. I really appreciate your loving blogs:)
    Oh, did I forget to Thank you…lol

  6. So on point! Now let’s hope that this gets to those who need it 😉

  7. Joyce Hickman says:

    I just love your words of inspiration. Hope other people can get right now.

  8. Great post Dee! Some bloggers really need to see this!

  9. riamichelle says:

    Girllllllll! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve answered emails for advice and tips and stuff and never receieved a thank you back. I don’t know, maybe they don’t like my response or what but I took time out of my life to answer the least they could do is let me know they got it.

    I can’t stop sideyeing/hating on people. I need to but I can’t haha. Love the candle quote. I hate lazy questions. I hate when people ask me about things that are written in my post…like what lipstick are you wearing when I have a whole paragraph about the dang lipstick. Like really?! This is mostly the cause of my sideeye.

    • LMAO! Yes, girl. So I’m not alone. I will side eye in a minute. In all honesty I doubt they dislike what you wrote, more like they are being inconsiderate. People just don’t have good manners anymore. Thank you for commenting and sharing.

  10. marieyoung says:

    If I could add I would say, as an extension to #1—> When people leave comments on your page, REPLY to the dern comment. Especially if that person asks you a questions. Even if they didn’t just say thank you for stopping by or something. #HOWRUDE ?!?!?!?!?

  11. Bobbie says:

    These are all great tips. I’m so grateful being a semi-new blogger myself and I have yet to come across anyone who wasn’t willing to answer a question. Sometimes reminders is needed. Thanks!

  12. Valerie says:

    And let the church say AMEN!!!!!!!!!! x1000000

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