Smyrna Food Truck Tuesdays


September 10, 2012 by Miss Foodie Fab

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24 thoughts on “Smyrna Food Truck Tuesdays

  1. Bernettastyle says:

    I haven’t eaten at a food truck here in GA. So I would love to try it. I live near Smyrna so it’s no far from me at all.

  2. Lemme see now……Ray Ray’s Hog Pit here in Ohio. Do street food carts count? If so I’ve hit a few in NYC. They have a food truck festival here every year.

  3. jaiepicure says:

    Shame on me for still not have tried a food truck outside of New York. I have heard so many great things about the Food Trucks here in Atlanta. I really want to try out the Blaxican truck. It is at the top of my “to-do” list. Thanks for the info!

  4. Toy says:

    Dee Dee you sooo inspire me. You are taking this city by storm. So so happy we sparked a conversation at. Madewell ( I think) I have been here 4 years and dont be up on 1/2 the stuff you know about!! U da bomb boo…lol…

  5. Wow! I’ve never eaten from a food truck, but I need to try it. Thanks for this tip!

  6. Valerie says:

    NYC is food truck heaven. DC is stepping it up a bit too. They even have the cupcake trucks and the Chil-Fil-A truck! lol.

  7. Gia says:

    I think the islands were the first to invent the “food truck”..although N.America took it to the next level with fancy trucks with food prep/cooking done on site -we just sell food out of random cars :o. bahawaha. Sadly, I can’t recall eating from a real one yet. I guess I’ll have to hop on over to Detroit to actually get the opportunity though. What you described sounds uber cool…cupcakes? yumm

  8. Britton says:

    Food trucks too? That’s it…I’m moving to ATL.

  9. You know I love me some food trucks, LOL. This sounds like so much fun.

  10. Gurl, every time I open your blog, I want a beer!!!

  11. Reading this makes me miss Atlanta so much! Even though, there will be food trucks from all over once the Dixie Classic Fair comes through the Piedmont Triad Area, but that’s about it so far as i know lol.

  12. Shea says:

    The food truck craze is big down here in Miami as well, and speaking of which it’s Food Truck Tuesday at Johnson and Whales University by my house. Every Tuesday they invade the campus and about 25 trucks come out. I have yet to try them all but I do love a good fish taco! Tonight outfit post pics might be at the food trucks, lol.

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