Miss Foodie Fash Has Moved To Miss Foodie Fab

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June 28, 2013 by Miss Foodie Fab

Miss Foodie Fash, Natural Hair

That’s right, stop. Stop what you are doing and please follow me at!

I moved Miss Foodie Fash over to many moons ago, and I have noticed many of my readers are still keeping up with Miss Foodie Fash on

If you are still following you may have thought I haven’t blogged in a while, and some of you have mentioned you are not seeing Miss Foodie Fash blog posts in your reader or email.

Well, and I just can’t have that because I want to make sure you get each and every one of my posts filled with good food, beauty, and humor.

I’m now blogging by Miss Foodie Fab at

Trust me when I tell you Miss Foodie Fab is so much better than Miss Foodie Fash. I received a new blog design via Her Name is Kim and made it easier for you to follow me on social media.

Miss Foodie Fab (20121028)-571x1024

It’s pretty awesome, right?!

If you subscribed via, please subscribe to Miss Foodie Fab because I would love to still interact with you and share my world with you.

Please join me at Miss Foodie Fab and don’t forget to sign up on for Miss Foodie Fab posts to your email!

XOXO, Dee Dee!

Please like, follow, and subscribe to Miss Foodie Fab!

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